Medicines Pharmaceutical distribution company "Europe Dermanlary" is engaged in the supply of high-quality medicines based on the law of Turkmenistan of 18.04.2009 г. № 32-IV. All imported drugs are subject to international certification and certification of the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan, the drugs are distinguished by their quality and effectiveness. Medical equipment Medical equipment is imported to the territory of Turkmenistan in accordance with the law of 25.11.2017 г. № 661-V. It meets all international standards and standards of Turkmenistan. It is distinguished by its quality and durability, an important factor is its sterility and accuracy. We always want you to get high-quality results using the medical equipment we bring. Medical cosmetics We offer a wide range of cosmoceutical products-the result of cooperation between pharmacists and cosmetics companies in Europe-to maintain and enhance your unique beauty: skin care, hair care, cosmetics, etc. The site presents several hundred products of the best world brands. Such as: VICHY, LA ROCHE-POSAY, CATALYST

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We supply
medicines, medical
equipment and cosmetics

We are a company with a steady growth and high corporate social responsibility.
The wealth of the Company is people, who make it unique!


Since 2010 «Europe Dermanlar» company has been working in the market of Turkmenistan.

12+Years of customers’ trust and loyalty
2500Names of goods
70+Foreign partners

The main kind of activity is delivery of medicines, medical equipment and medical devices.
The Company cooperates with the leaders of world pharmaceutical manufacturers.